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Professional Store Administration Services

Customized Store Administration services to match your budget.

Fast and error free order processing is vital to the success of an eCommerce business. In the eCommerce business, as in any other, a positive reputation among customers is all important. Slothful and error prone order processing drives away customers, earns you a nasty name and retards the growth of your business. To ensure that you suffer none of this, at we offer comprehensive and reliable Order Processing Services.

We focus on dealing with everyday operations of small to large­sized eCommerce retail stores. We use an order right coming from the amount of time this is actually put (featuring gathering purchases from a variety of web resources and mail purchases) until the distribution of items occurs to the consumer’s total satisfaction. It enhances our clients’ business procedures while boosting productivity and also capacity, which triggers profitability and growth. Our company assist our clientels with the adhering to solutions


  • Easily managed products, categories, shipping and the orders.
  • Inventory Management: We keep track of your inventory stock code, vendor SKU number, price, size, color, and other variables. We forecast and quickly respond to impending shortages without pushing inventory costs huge.
  • Wide Range of Order Tracking Services: At DaskTech we handle and process a wide range of orders like distribution, sales, auto­ship, complex continuity, several different types of orders. Our professional are experienced in processing orders of any volume and complexity.
  • Customer Support: Interact with customers and keep them informed about inventory status, back­order, packing, shipping, and exact date of delivery.
  • Manage Customer Database: We will manage your customer data effectively to ensure better relationship with customers.
  • Shipping Management: To avoid any type of confusion, we check and validate the shipping address prior to delivery. We also process a host of other shipment details like shipment method, dispatch schedule, mode of transportation, etc.
  • Processing Payment: We process the credit card information and generate invoices quickly and efficiently.
  • Efficient and Accurate Product Returns: We can also help you with processing returns from the customers with reasons such as broken items, shipment delays, etc., quickly.
  • Creating and maintaining promo codes and bulk order discounted prices for products.
  • Supervise all newsletter performance and design various strategies to increase sales.
  • Prepare reports and maintain track of all activities on websites.

As the best e­commerce solution provider, we are proud to offer all mentioned activities for your e­commerce website at competitive prices. While selecting a solution, contact us for your e- commerce website.

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